My PhD research ‘Vanished Comforts: Setting the Context for Furniture and Furnishings in Scotland, 1500-1650’, was an AHRC-funded CDP project with the National Museums of Scotland and the University of Dundee, running from 2012 to 2016.

The purpose of the research is to imagine and understand the use and purpose of rooms and planning in Scottish homes and castles in this period, and so the lives of those who used these buildings, from the evidence of surviving objects and buildings, archival records, and narratives with a spatial component.

These posts reflect continuing research in early modern material culture attempting to understand activities in early modern homes, furnishings, costume and jewelry, the roles of servants, and networks of patrons and makers.

See my thesis here ‘Vanished Comforts’ on ethos

Michael Pearce


Articles and research on other sites

Anna of Denmark: Fashioning a Danish Court in Scotland

The seventeenth-century gardens of Moray House Edinburgh

Sixteenth-century furniture makers in Edinburgh 

Edinburgh Castle Research: The dolls of Mary Queen of Scots 

Beds of “chapel” form in sixteenth-century inventories

Interpreting Scottish household inventories

Link to ResearchGate

Link to research on


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